14 passengers dead after private jet crashes in Monclova, Coahuila

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Today, the government of the state of Coahuila said that a private jet that crashed between Las Vegas, Nevada and the northern Mexican city of Monterrey had 14 people on board, according to the flight plan.

The flight plan showed there were 11 passengers and 3 crew members on board and no survivors have been found, the Coahuila government said in a statement.

Later today, it was announced that the remains of a jet had been found after it disappeared en route from Las Vegas to the Mexican city of Monterrey, a government official said on Monday, with Mexican media reporting that all 14 on board had died.

The wreckage of the plane was found through aerial surveillance some 208 km northwest of the northern city of Monclova in Coahuila, said Fernando Orta of the state’s emergency services department.

Officials had not yet arrived to inspect the site, he added.

“The land is rather mountainous (…) so they’re going to take a while longer to arrive,” Orta said.

FlightAware, an online flight tracking service, said the plane was a Challenger business jet made by Canada’s Bombardier Inc.

A photograph published on local television showed what it said were the burnt remnants of the plane, broken into pieces, spread over charred earth.

Mexican media reported that the passengers had attended a boxing match between Mexican boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Daniel Jacobs in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Names of crew and passengers published in local media and sourced to flight information website fltplan.com, listed only Hispanic surnames.

A local broadcaster reported that the small jet lost contact on Sunday with air traffic controllers after 5:20 p.m. local time as the pilot descended to avoid a storm.


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